If you’re new here, welcome.

I am a work-from-home wife who’s very tech savvy with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Working remotely allows me to find a balance between helping my clients launch their business online, and learn what the current marketing trends are as they are constantly changing. I can also spend a few hours each day doing something I’m passionate about such as writing or creating artwork.

Digital Marketing services: 

If you need a website for yourself or company, I can guide you through the process of registering a domain and hosting, then build your site using WordPress. I also teach you how to maintain your website, and charge a small fee if you want me to do it for you. Contact me first to discuss your needs before purchasing.


I decided to offer pay-as-you-feel art – as this isn’t my main source of income and adding a price tag to it may remove some of the pleasure in creating the work. Shipping is not included and I am willing to arrange your postage to any part of the world using Auspost.

-Skye Harrison