Bali braids VS. African Braiding technique

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I've had African X-pression braids done for most of my life, from the kids bob style with beads, to fishtail braids. I've had thin twists, box braids in all lengths and sizes, colourful braids, and crochet. The list of African hairstyles is endless! I thought I'd done it all, until I [...]

How to design your own logo and save on startup costs

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If you're a DIY person when it comes to building your brand, or need to find an affordable designer, this post is for you! Getting artwork done shouldn't be the the biggest stress when starting or growing your business. There are plenty of tools out there, but for a quick logo option let's talk [...]

DIY hand-painted Cajon Drum | Music meets Art

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I am currently enjoying learning more about music and the different types of instruments out there. A lot of people were not given the opportunity to learn how to play any musical instrument when growing up, and it's something that's been sitting on my bucket list for ages. As part of my mission [...]