For business owners & influencers

Have you started using Instagram with a purpose other than increasing followers and likes?

Instagram is awesome for sharing eye-catching images and building a juicy company aesthetic, but it’s not great for driving traffic. In fact, it’s really bad at that.

But last year, Instagram started allowing business accounts with more than 10,000 followers to add links to their Stories.

Obviously, eligible brands jumped on this opportunity and saw incredible results – some reported a whopping 25% swipe-through rate.

Companies and influencers are quickly realising the sheer profitability of Instagram Stories.

“Swipe ups lead to sign-ups,” says Digiday. “Which is leading more publishers and influencers to use Instagram as an audience acquisition tool.”

Let me tell you 5 of the major ways brands and influencers can benefit from “swipe ups.”

>>Swipe Up to Get Inspired – If you need to get people to your blog – maybe you want to become an authority in your niche – put together some Story slides to represent your blog posts. Give a teaser in the Story; get your audience to anticipate what you can offer and you’ll drive them to your blog.

>>Swipe Up to Sign Up – Turn fans into subscribers by adding links to your Stories to get people to sign up for a freebie.

>>Swipe Up to Learn More – Easily add a call to action to learn more about a concept or product to a Story you’ve already invested in.

>>Swipe Up to Save Money – Offering limited-time deals encourages viewers to click through to your site right away. Once they’re there, they might well stick around for a while and make a purchase.

>>Swipe Up to Win – Contests are a great way to boost engagement and your follower count. Using Stories to entice people to enter is a more focused, proactive approach than hoping people scroll past your Instagram post and take notice.

Consumers are craving deeper connections with the brands and people they interact with, and Instagram Story swipe ups are becoming an excellent way to build and tighten relationships or grow your audience. If you need help getting to that 10k mark and starting to chase real business leads, let’s have a chat 🙂