The purpose of this website and blog is to showcase my career and part-time business ventures. This is my personal journey as I use what I’m professionally skilled at to support my passions.

I present a casual front because I want your experience working with me to be a human-to-human approach. I enjoy what I do and strive to keep it that way.

Skills: website design, digital strategy, social media marketing, business, individual and event PR.

Passions: writing, art (drawing and painting), fashion design, entrepreneurship.

Hobbies: dancing, photography and videography.

Combined: I offer consulting services in digital marketing – mostly for people in the creative industries. I have a corporate background, but love to help any new businesses come to life. My services and rates are for clients with a small budget but want to start a new venture – or just simply need a breakthrough. I’ve worked with mom-preneurs through to Tech Founders.

If you’re someone who’s found their passion and knows what they want, I can help you build it so that you’re more professional looking and presentable to investors and potential customers.

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The realities of entrepreneurship – feat. Farah Fortune

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