Any entrepreneur’s dream is to solve an existing problem, have a passion for their work and generate income from it. Here’s to that journey!

Everything starts with a ‘why’. And not just any why, YOUR Why! I am so passionate about all things creative, but could never pursue any of it because “artists are broke”. So I did everything right:

  • I finished high school and went to University, graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Media and Marketing, went on to work in Market Research and a Digital Agency.
  • At the time I already knew I’m not quite happy, so I went back home and started a consultancy business. Then I discovered it’s too soon, moved to Australia and did my Masters in Professional Communication.
  • Again, I worked in more corporate jobs, but continued consulting as a freelancer.

At the back of my mind over these 10+ years is, what if I had stuck to art, or tried dancing, photography, writing films, heck – journalism! So many other pathways but I have been stuck in office life.

That, folks, is what brings us here. The journey to enjoying all aspects of my work put into this entrepreneurial & creative outlet. My journey awaits…