Stuck on Valentines Day gift ideas? Try LoveBook

I’m no pro but I’m a real sucker for expressing love, giving gifts, planning surprises, and all that feel good kind of stuff.

Recently, we got a LoveBook and because I love it so much I thought I’d do a recommendation post. A LoveBook is something you can easily create for yourself and there’s no need to be a writer or artist, the platform pretty much helps you out with all the templates you need. First and most fun part is creating your avatars. Once that’s ready, just put together a story book. Finally, place  your order and it gets shipped to you!

Here’s some of ours for inspiration below:


I read some online reviews about how fast these orders came for a lot of people, and although I was in no rush, I was still curious how long it will take to arrive in Australia. Our book literally arrived 1 week after being ordered from the US! And why it’s my Valentines Day recommendation now is because chances are, it will arrive right on time!

Try it out yourself and let me know if you found this recommendation useful.