Finally, the big event or trip is over and you’ve got hundreds of photos to show for it.

That’s how we feel after the wedding and recent honeymoon.

We don’t want those lovely Sydney Harbour views and Bali experiences to just end up as a folder on the cloud.

Blurb came into my life as a professional tool, and now it’s ticking some personal boxes as well because I can create tangible memories that can stay visible around our home.

As a creative-preneur, it has also inspired me to create booklets that can be sold on Amazon through the app.

Whether you’re creating a profitable book to self-publish, or just something for your coffee table, I highly recommend this for a slick and professional looking product.

Here are a few ideas of what you can do with Blurb for personal use or to sell:

  • Magazines

  • eBooks

  • Travel Books

  • Cook Books

  • Product / Fashion Catalogues

  • Scrapbooking

  • Vision-board booklet

  • Wedding photobook

  • Instagram photobook

  • Family history book

  • Portfolio

  • HMUA lookbooks

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored affiliate post in partnership with Blurb.