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Register for your domain from $1 a month to begin with, or commit straight away from $60/year


This is a simple 5 step guide for someone who has never had or created a website, and is recommended for Bloggers and Small Businesses who need a quick website on a budget. Most people avoid this because they think it’s just an unnecessary expense, especially with a small business. Bloggers also think it’s better to use free options, and later realise they need a self-hosted blog to be taken seriously so it’s best to start off right and we have the most affordable option for you.

Step 1: Visit 1AND1.COM 

Step 2: Click on WORDPRESS HOSTING in the options below. 

Step 3: Pick your plan. Each of those plans include a free domain.

Step 4: Check if your domain name is available, or opt for an alternative name. We highly recommend a .com domain from all the options you see.

NB: Once you’re happy you can proceed to checkout.

(Don’t bother about add-ons at this stage)

Step 5: Register for your 1and1 account and process your payment.

Once complete, you will get a confirmation email and now it’s time to log in using those details and build your new website.


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